Support us by printing out the PDF version of the Friends membership application,
completing it, and mailing it to us with your check at the address below:

The Friends of Hugh Embry Library
PO Box 1323
Dade City, FL 33526


Then, stop by the library and inquire about opportunities
to volunteer for our many programs and projects.

Pasco Library Foundation

Show your support for the Pasco County Library System by joining
the Pasco Library Foundation using their application.


A Special Message from the Board of Directors
of the Friends of Hugh Embry Library

Why join us?
(You may be asking yourself why you should join us.)

The answer is simple. The public library is to the local community what reading,
learning, and recreation are to the individual. The library is an essential
and integral part of the quality of life we enjoy here with our fellow residents.

For a personal accounting of the value that libraries give you and your family
(or COULD give you and your family if you used them), How Libraries Transform Lives
see the Personal Savings Calculator at

The Florida Library Association has compiled a list of reasons
why Floridians value their public libraries.Why Floridians Value Public Libraries

Hugh Embry