Special Events

Book Bazaar
We offer great bargains on an assortment of used books, audio, video, and novelty products. Our book bazaar is  scheduled monthly during the SECOND complete weekend of each month, except October during which it will be the FIRST complete weekend of the month.

The Book Bazaar features some 4,000 items. It includes fiction and nonfiction, hardcover and paperbacks, audio and video when available, materials for juveniles and adults, and all genres normally found in a public library (Popular Fiction, Self Help, Hobby, Biography, Geography, Science and Technology, Music, Art, Children’s Literature, and more).
Most items are offered for a suggested donation of $1 – $3 or as posted. Paperbacks are offered for a suggested donation of 50 cents or as posted. This is a fundraiser for the library.

Find our current schedule online at:

Summer Reading Club
The Friends of Hugh Embry Library are one of the principal sponsors of the Summer Reading Program each year. This program encourages children to read throughout the summer both for learning and for recreation. A stimulating variety of weekly activities are offered to appeal to three age groups: toddlers and preschoolers, elementary school aged children, and teenagers.
Generally, over 200 local children participate in the Summer Reading Program at Hugh Embry Branch Library, in addition to the approximately 2,500 to 3,000 children who participate throughout the Pasco County Library System each year. The program has been growing, a testament to its popularity among participants and their families.

Battle of the Bands
The Friends of Hugh Embry Library contribute to the support of Pasco’s Largest and Original Battle of the Bands! This amazing program encourages local teenage musicians to compete in public for fun and prizes. Winners of the competition are awarded recording contracts and other prizes. The activity grows each year, currently extending itself, with the help of the Internet, to fans and enthusiasts in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and a host of other countries.

>General Programs
The Friends of Hugh Embry Library support all of the special programing at the library throughout the year. In addition to supporting the outstanding Summer Reading Program and Battle of the Bands, we also support monthly crafts for adults and children, monthly movies with popcorn and juice for children and their families, weekly and bi-weekly teen programs, weekly “storytime” programs for toddlers and pre-schoolers, a monthly Book Club for adults, and many special activities that meet the needs of the entire community.

Books for the Troops
The Friends of Hugh Embry Library select paperback books from among the donations we receive that will not sell at our book bazaar, and we send them to the military troops for their enjoyment. The selected items are given to the Betmar Hobby Club of Zephyrhills, Florida along with funds donated specifically to defray the cost of postage.

Volunteer Appreciation
Our dedicated volunteers are the heart of our organization. The Friends of Hugh Embry Library are grateful to all the members of our organization who step up and stand out in support of our library. We thank our volunteers for their dedication and hard work. We recognize that they are giving back to our community from the bottom of their hearts. As a small token of our appreciation, we hold appreciation luncheons especially for our volunteers.

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